Sneak Peek Apr 29th and WIN IT!

It's WEDNESDAY again ...
Wow ... time flew by so fast!

I just got terrible news yesterday, my good old friend passed away.
He and his wife are both my good old friend.
He had helped me so many times and all of us grown into friends for years.
The news was shocking because all I know was that they're both healthy and live happily out of town.
My heart still aching for his wife. I really hope that in this moment God send His angels to stand by her and their kids through this. It's not easy and won't be for years ahead.
May God protect them!

Well that's a bit story of my life this week ... unfortunately not a good one eh?
But from this I learn that when there's still time, love the ones that you have thoroughly.
We may not have the 2nd chance.

So for this week, I am releasing a kit for Men's best friends ...
Puppies and Dogs!

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Last but not least, thanks for reading my blog and a bit chit chat.

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